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Map of Malmö

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1 Ohboy Cykelhotell


3 The Spitzbunker

4 Välfärden Kök & Kaffe

5 The Sinking of the Amalthea

6 Scania's First Workshop

7 Lenin's Favourite Joint

8 Byggfabriken

9 Dolce Sicilia

10 Book a Boat

11 Town Hall Cellar

12 Cobble Stones & Town Houses

13 MJ:s

14 The Lion Pharmacy

15 The Lion Passage

16 The Hippodrome

17 Ebba's House

18 Siesta

19 Dansstationen

20 Vegegården

21 The Floating Park

22 The Murals of the Western Old Town

23 Filialen

24 Tapetorama

25 The Crying Statue

26 A Fancy Loo

27 The Sandstone Terrace

28 The Old Cemetary

29 Valhalla Palace

30 Ahlgrens Konfektyr

31 Bombshells in the Park

32 Steps by the Canal

33 Popolino

34 The Mural at Stenhuggaregatan

35 Gry

36 Liebling

37 Riket

38 Science Fictionbokhandeln

39 Mineral

40 Shock

41 Malmö Opera

42 Malört

43 Malmö Retro

44 Grand Öl & Mat

45 Nois Café & Deli

46 Restaurang Möllan

47 Far i Hatten

48 Rundgång

49 The Monument in Pildammsparken

50 Mitt Möllan


1. Ohboy Cykelhotell | Hotel

This modern urban building consists of 55 apartments and 31 hotel rooms. The house is built around the idea cycling as a means of transport. All the rooms are designed in clever and quirky ways, and they come with the free use of a bike.

The rooms (which all have three floors!) can be combined for 1-4 people, and you have to draw lots for the hammock! Bookings are made at


2. STPLN | Creative Laboratories

This makerspace (pronounced "stah-peln") is a place to hang out if you have ideas and creative projects. The doors are open to anyone, regardless of experience, skill level or age. It has workshops, studios and an open office space ready for use. Sharing is an important word here, and this applies to tools as well as to knowledge.

You'll also find The Bicycle Kitchen for servicing your bike, the kids' recycling-design lab, ÅterSkapa, and a pop-up electronics Repair Café. It's all housed in a 2.000 square metre former slipway, which was once used for repairing ships.


3. The Spitzbunker | Place of Interest

It looks a bit like a concrete ant house, but it's a lot sturdier than that - or at least somewhat. This type of military bunker was designed around WW1, when the bombs carried by fighter planes still weren't very heavy.

The idea of the construction was to let the bombs strike the bunker and hope that they would bounce off and explode at a safe distance. Luckily, no bombs ever hit this one. Spitz is German for "point".


4. Välfärden Kök & Kaffe | Restaurant

Lunch like the locals! This place serves traditional Scandinavian husmanskost with international influences and offers great vegetarian and vegan options. Enjoy the lively atmosphere and a décor which is a combo of vintage kitsch and rustic oddities. Open weekdays from eight to three.

They also serve breakfast and fika. And of course, Välfärden employ the Swedish practice called påtår*. Show this voucher when you're getting lunch and they will offer you their favourite äpplemust from Sövde Musteri for free.

*Påtår means that you buy a cup of coffee and get a free refill. Everybody wins - except your stomach lining.


5. The Sinking of the Amalthea | Place of Interest

In 1908 there was a terror incidence in the port of Malmö. A group of socialists tried to sink a ship full of British workers that had been brought in to replace workers in Malmö during a strike. The vessel was never sunk, but one British worker died and 23 others were wounded.

The name of the ship was Amalthea, and the leader of the leftist terrorists was dubbed The Amalthea Man.


6. Scania's First Workshop | Place of Interest

If you've ever had an interest in trucks and heavy vehicles, this address could be worth a visit. In the year 1900, the world's most famous manufacturer of just that began in this courtyard. Initially, they also made cars, and they were all painted yellow. They were greeted with scepticism by the locals and colloquially referred to as the Yellow Peril.

After a decade, Scania moved to Södertälje, and eventually gave rise to the automobile and aircraft maker SAAB. The name and the griffin logo is a reminder of its beginnings. "Scania" was taken from the Latin for the province of Skåne, and the griffin is the coat of arms of Malmö (and this map).


7. Lenin's Favourite Joint | Place of Interest

When Tsar Nicholas II was deposed in 1917, the Bolshevik leader Lenin was actually in Switzerland. Fearing he would miss out on the fun, he immediately set off to Saint Petersburg, and the easiest route was through Sweden.

In Malmö he had about an hour and a half to kill and spent the time feasting on ham, rye bread and smoked moose at the Savoy Hotel. Then he went on to Russia and founded the Soviet Union.


8. Byggfabriken | Shop

Did you ever visit a Swedish hardware store sometime in the mid nineteen hundreds? Then chances are this shop will feel familiar. It was opened a little more that twenty years ago, coinciding with the public's increasing infatuation with old houses, when a lot of people seemed to have grown tired of a housing philosophy combining the ugly with the crappy and looked to previous decades for a more long-term approach to their living environment.

At Byggfabriken, you can arrange for a complete renovation of your home, and also buy handmade nails, brass lamps and excellent linseed oil paint over the counter. And there's a smell of tar! Website:


9. Dolce Sicilia | Ice-Cream Parlour

To call this the best ice-cream parlour in Malmö is no exaggeration. Thousands of satisfied customers and several awards confirm as much. The ice-cream is made on site using organic dairy products and all-natural ingredients, of course.

The founder, Carlo, is Sicilian and his family has a long tradition of ice-cream making. If you don't want to satisfy your hunger with ice-cream (but who doesn't) you can always start with some pasta, which is also home-made. Website:


10. Book a Boat | Experience

Who wouldn't like to spend a few hours with their family or friends gliding along the canal through the city parks and neighbourhoods? Maybe even bring a nice picnic to enjoy onboard? These boats make it possible, and moreover, in a luxury, environmentally friendly and completely silent boat with an electric engine.

At BookaBoat, you can book your electric boat online and start it with your mobile phone; then the boat is yours for as many hours as you've booked it. Simple, smart and a great way to experience Malmö from its most flattering angle! Website:


11. Town Hall Cellar | Place of Interest

In 1967 there was nothing in the world to equal The Beatles. They were so huge and so popular that no artist could, and still can't, compare their career with the Fab Four. Everywhere they went people opened their doors to them, boys screamed and girls fainted all around the globe - except in Malmö.

Here, at the cellar restaurant of the Town Hall, the doorman wouldn't let Paul McCartney and George Harrison in. The reason: They weren't wearing ties. Remember that next time someone goes on about "the good old days".


12. Cobble Stones and Town Houses | Place of Interest

Gamla Väster means The Old West, but you probably won't see any cowboys and Indians here. These picturesque pastel-coloured town houses used to be the homes of craftsmen, working class people and tortured artist, dealing with long workdays and too many children to take care of.

Today the area is home to craft beer drinkers, working-class-documentary film-makers and art directors dealing long weekends and too many businesses to take care of.


13. MJ:s | Hotel, Bar and Restaurant

Gamla Väster means The Old West, but you probably won't see any cowboys and Indians here. These picturesque pastel-coloured town houses used to be the homes of craftsmen, working class people and tortured artist, dealing with long workdays and too many children to take care of.

Today the area is home to craft beer drinkers, working-class-documentary film-makers and art directors dealing long weekends and too many businesses to take care of.


14. The Lion Pharmacy | Pharmacy

Even if you're not unwell and in need of medicine, you should still make a visit to this institution.

You can always pretend to be someone too embarrassed to ask for constipation medication, while you check out one of Europe's most well-preserved pharmacies from the turn of the last century.


15. The Lion Passage | Place of Interest

Step right into a turn-of-the-century block of houses and come out on the other side. This house was built by the ambitious pharmacist and entrepreneur John Tesch.

He ran the city's oldest pharmacy - Lejonet ("The Lion") - which is still there today. The portrait in stone above the Stortorget entrance is said to be of Tesch himself.


16. The Hippodrome | Place of Interest

To many people, a circus means a travelling troupe who perform in a large tent, but in the 1899 this circus theatre was opened, allowing for the use of horses and for water shows as well as traditional theatre.

The horseshoe-shaped lobby and the horse's heads in stone are a reminder of this era. Today the building is home to the Malmö City Theatre.


17. Ebba's House | Place of Interest

This charming little house was where Ebba Thure moved in 1911, when the area was one of beerhouses, mental asylums and brothels.

Almost all the small houses were torn down in the '60s and '70s, but Ebba refused to move, and when she died in 1989, the city decided to preserve it as a museum.


18. Siesta | Restaurant

This is a local bar and restaurants of the best sort. Not just because it's in the city's most charming area, with its small houses and cobbled streets, but also because the atmosphere is pleasantly unaffected and relaxed.

Everyone's welcome, and there's no secret signal or any particular attitude needed to enjoy yourself. The wine on offer is great, and the afternoon sun when sitting outside is world class! Website:


19. Dansstationen | Venue

This is Sweden's biggest free venue for contemporary dance, and it's housed in a magnificent old film theatre in the middle of the city's pedestrian zone. Local and international dance productions are presented here, as well a host of other things.

There are workshops, performances and family shows for you to experience. And every year they have the children's festival Salto! so regardless of age there is something exciting here for anyone who has an interest in dance. Website:


20. Vegegården | Restaurant

This restaurant is a must for any discerning hipster vegan. The emphasis is on lunch, but it's open at night on Saturdays and Sundays.

Vegan Chinese cuisine is served, but the kitchen also caters to those used to eating meat. Several dishes have soya versions of beef, prawns, chicken, etc. There is also a great selection of soya products to take home. Website:


21. The Floating Park | Place of Interest

The canal surrounding the Old Town was constructed in the 1600s and served both as a protection against enemies and as a way to control the coming and going of people and goods in the city.

In the middle of the 1900s, the city council felt that the canal stood in the way of modern development, and voices were raised to fill it in and put up office buildings. This was never realized, and today there is a growing awareness of how closely connected to water the city is - as is this floating garden, complete with a couple of benches.


22. The Murals of the Western Old Town | Street-Art

Richly coloured and inspiringly dreamlike, these painting are the remains of the street-art festival Artscape, which was held in Malmö in 2014.


23. Filialen | Shop and Gallery

In a corner among the picturesque houses you'll find this shop, where around ten artisans have teamed up. It has everything from silver jewellery, ceramics and leather craft to cloth dolls and hats. And the best thing is - it's all handmade and unique!

Make a visit to get a moment's inspiration or buy some gifts to bring back home. Website:


24. Tapetorama | Shop

If you like patterns as well as rooms, this shop is a must! They've got wallpaper and fabrics in any design you can imagine; a visit here almost feels like stepping straight into a Pinterest search.

It all began with a huge finding of old rolls of wallpaper almost twenty years ago, and today this is one of Europe's most well-stocked shops when it comes to hand printed and vintage designs. They also sell exquisite designer goods, hand-picked from all over the world. Website:


25. The Crying Statue | Place of Interest

The artist Marie-Louise Ekman made this statue for the World's Fair in Seville in 1992. It's called "The Swedish melancholy", and if you look closely you'll see that the bronze figure is actually crying.

The model for the statue was the artist's husband, a broadly popular actor known for his comedic parts. Tears, laughter and self-mockery - that's the Swedish melancholy.


26. The Fancy Loo | Place of Interest

Public lavatories can be heaven or hell - often at the same time. In case of an emergency, this facility is certainly heavenly - and you can also pay for a small booth with a warm shower!

A 20 minute shower is 40 SEK.


27. The Sandstone Terrace | Place of Interest

If you're planning to propose to your sweetheart in Malmö, this is the spot. Beautifully situated with a view of the canal and park, this red sandstone terrace was built in the early 1900s.

Carved into the soft stone you can read lovers' messages for the future.


28. The Old Cemetary | Place of Interest

Interested in the afterlife? Take a walk among the dead at the city's old 1820s cemetery. Here you find the graves of the wealthy population - doctors, merchants, bankers and mayors.

Wealthy or not, the one thing no-one can buy is more time, so get there while you can.


29. Valhalla Palace | Place of Interest

Named after the mythological hall of the Viking gods, this grand building was constructed to house apartments, offices and a straw hat factory.

The architect, Arwidius, designed many of the city's high-profile buildings and was celebrated by his contemporaries. Unfortunately, he died in a tragic bathtub accident in 1912.


30. Ahlgrens Konfektyr | Chocolatier's Shop

Since the early 20th century, this place has satisfied the city's sweet tooth. Today there are three branches in Lund and Malmö, and for the last thirty years the focus has been on world-class pralines and chocolate.

Collaborations with chocolatiers from around Europe has produced a delicious range of confections, currently stocked in fridges awaiting your palate. Website:


31. Bombshells in the Park | Place of Interest

Sweden never got involved in the last World War (we were too busy cooking meatballs and building Volvos), but by mistake a British plane dropped three bombs that hit the park and blew crater in the ground.

As so often in Swedish history, this is as exciting it gets, but the park is still a perfect place for a quiet walk.


32. Steps by the Canal | Place of Interest

Afraid of wearing out your shoes? Take a break and sit down for a bit on the popular steps to the canal. Don't forget to pet the local cats or they will get grumpy. Even though they are cast in bronze.


33. Popolino | Shop

Are you familiar with the concept of Slow Fashion? At Popolino, they don't worry too much about the changes in fashion, but instead focus on great quality and classic cuts, often with a British touch.

Think of Swinging Sixties' London, mods and the Italian Vespa. Smart and colourful. Slow fashion.


34. The Mural at Stenhuggaregatan | Point of Interest

At the far end of this little alley, a narrow black and white mural will captivate any traveller who may be annoyed at having walked into a cul-de-sac. It's worth the detour!


35. Gry | Shop

Gry is a small shop with personality, offering a large selection primarily of dresses and things that go along with them. Gunilla, who started the shop, has picked out all the clothes with care, and they're all from Scandinavian and European designers who focus on colours, shapes and great quality. Clothes and shoes to feel pretty and happy in, quite simply.

Brands being sold are: Bric-a-brac, Beck Söndergaard, Cathrine Hammel, Chie Mihara, Custommade, Fly London, King Louie, Stine Goya, etc.


36. Liebling | Shop

This taste-conscious clothing and lifestyle shop takes its name from the German word for "sweetheart". And when you pinch these originally designed dresses or take a walk in a pair of organically produced shoes, it quickly becomes clear why.

It's easy to love the things in this shop. It's the kind of place where you don't mind getting lost for a while longer than planned. You can find Liebling's webshop at


37. Riket | Restaurant

This restaurant feels modern and classic at the same time, and that's kind of what it is. It launched only about a year ago, but the furniture and the green tiles on the walls give the impression of a place that has been there for fifty years.

The menu is seasonal and the ingredients local. The wines are plentiful and natural. A hangout for people who prefer good company to white tablecloths.


38. Science Fictionbokhandeln | Shop

Walking through the doors of the Sci-Fi book shop is like stepping through the wardrobe into Narnia. Here you'll find a large assortment of books, mostly in English, in the genres of science fiction, horror, fantasy, comics, manga and much more! There is also large number of games on offer and dice you wouldn't have imagined existed.

Also, check out the classics shelves, with gorgeous editions of immortal classics such as Dracula (and there's even some Jane Austen hiding in there, so look closely!) You'll find everything from unicorn key rings to cat games and coasters in a myriad of themes here. Or you can get a badge that encapsulates what this shop is about: "Proud Geek!" Website


39. Mineral | Restaurant

In this tavern at the cozy quarters around Sankt Knut's square you´ll find not only a good selection of natural wines, beer and cider but also one of the city's best outdoor dining areas.

In spring, you can literally sit under flowering apple trees and enjoy your meal! Everything served in this place is 100% vegan and the atmosphere is inviting, chic and relaxed. Website:


40. Shock | Shop

The premises once housed a classic movie theatre, but twenty years ago this shop-cum-subcultural hangout moved in. It's a niche lifestyle boutique for people who are into alternative fashions such punk, goth, rockabilly, pastel goth, etc - or who just want to get a band T-shirt.

You can find things like official merchandise, hair dye, clothes and shoes. Special brands are Manic Panic hair dyes and the classic Dr Martens. According to unconfirmed sources, this is the room in Malmö with the most skulls. Website:


41. Malmö Opera | Venue

Of course, this is where you can go to see a production of La Boheme or Singing in the Rain, but it's also an interesting place from a historical point of view.

The world-famous director Ingmar Bergman was the artistic director here during the 1950s. This is where he met and assembled much of his future stable of actors, and he's described the period as the happiest time of his life. Perhaps that's why none of his films take place here.


42. Malört | Tattoos and Art

Malört isn't your run-of-the mill tattoo parlour. In its beautiful premises on the charming Friisgatan are three professional women who take tattooing seriously, as the art form it is.

At Malört you won't find any templates, any folders with standard designs or any preconceived ideas about what a tattoo should look like. What you will find is decades of professional experience, tons of inspiration and to top it off, a gallery for contemporary art.


43. Malmö Retro | Antiques Shop

Scandinavian design has never been more popular than today, but as early as the middle of the last century it stood for quality and first-rate design work. With this as a starting point, Malmö Retro offers selected furniture and articles from the 20th century heyday.

Many items can also be viewed and ordered online, but whether you're buying a sofa or just looking at a vase, the shop is well worth a visit. Instagram: malmoretro


44. Grand Öl & Mat | Restaurant/Concert Venue

In a converted factory on the third floor is this combined restaurant and venue, which has become a watering hole for Malmöites.

Here you can go to see punk rock concerts, have lunch, drink fancy cocktails or enjoy Sunday brunch. The food has the KRAV ecolabel and is French-Scandinavian. Website:


45. Nois Café & Deli | Restaurant

Say the words "street food" and "Vietnamese" in the same sentence, and there's a special kind of look in the eyes of those who've had it before. The people here are experts at it, so whether you're an initiate or just feel like trying something new you won't be disappointed.

It's tasty, easy on the wallet and loved by the locals. The staff are both fast and flexible, so even if the place looks full, they usually manage to find you a seat or you can get a takeaway to enjoy in the park! Website:


46. Restaurang Möllan | Restaurant

"Institution" is a word sometimes bandied about to describe places that have been in business for a while and have a special place in people's hearts, but if any pub in Malmö can be called an institution, it's this one.

With its chalkboard on the wall, displaying the menu (as it did already twenty years before chalkboards were everywhere), and its great selection of beer on tap, it's likely to continue being a favourite hangout of cultural workers, artists and those who want to mingle with cultural workers and artists. Website:


47. Far i Hatten | Restaurant/Concert Venue

Like an old-fashioned dance pavilion crossed with an amusement park that's what it feels like to step into this place. Its location is just as unique.

In the middle of Folkets Park, surrounded by tall trees and playgrounds, this bar and restaurant is pretty much a must if you visit Malmö in the summer season. The food has the KRAV ecolabel, and the menu has several medium-size dishes as well as a wide range of beers and natural wines - and the best wood-fired pizza in town. Website:


48. Rundgång | Shop

Are you running out of storage space on your computer? No problem, because now it's possible to store information on round plastic discs called LP records! In this well-stocked record store you'll find everything from original pressings from the 1960s to newly released contemporary pop anthems.

Visiting Rundgång means stepping into the past as much as into the future. Make a visit, flip through the record crates, and if you're lucky you'll catch a band playing a release gig while you're there.


49. The Monument in Pildammsparken | Place of Interest

A couple a strange altar-like monuments made of granite can be seen under the great broad-leaved trees in Pildammsparken, looking like an abandon film set from The Lord of the Rings.

Actually, they are the remains of a great exhibition held in Malmö in 1914, where all the nations on the Baltic Sea came to exhibit their coolest altars (and other things).


50. Mitt Möllan | Shops & Restaurants

Mitt Möllan is the unlikely success story of a gathering place inside a shopping arcade running right through a block of public housing flats. Once empty and desolate, today it's teeming with life and creativity.

You'll find alternative shops, a large vintage clothing store and some of the best lunchtime restaurants in town. There are also unique events, such as exhibitions, talks and art projects. Website: